one of out NW 6.5 SP6 servers failed today. Dell 4600 RAID array ended
up getting corrupt. We have new server that we haven't migrated to
yet. I'd like to restore to that server instead.

I have an idea of how to restore/install, but I know there's some
gotchas involved. I recall seeing a TID that goes over this, but I
cannot find it.

My plan (which will need to be added to I'm sure):

- install NW 6.5 SP6 on new server (keep same name/context)
- install agent for Backup Exec 9.2
- restore data


- this server does *not* hold the Master replica
- only NDPS and GW are used on server
- do I restore SYS volume? only parts of it?
- eDir issues/gotchas?
- other?

any help will be appreciated!