I am BSD/Linux savey, but a real novice in the Netware arena.

I have completed 3 successful server migrations from 6.5 SP2 to brand new
servers running 6.5 SP5, using the server migration toolkit.

My latest attempt failed to transfer NDS/eDir information and I was forced
to restore the original server. I got sloppy and had the database locked
on the target server when I attempted the NDS/eDir migration. Many of the
restoration steps would not work for me. Restoring NDS/eDir from the
master replica DID work. The server appears to be working OK with a few
non-critical exceptions. These exceptions worry me a bit in terms of: is
it safe to re-attempt migration, or should I fix these issues first?

- Named loads and apparently functions, but reports
critical:Unable to read locator reference from NCP server.
The DNS object is in place and correctly configured (I think)
according to Console1. However the DNS/DHCP Management Console
no longer sees this server.

- NDSiMonitor no longer sees this server as a member of the
replication chain. It is/was not the master replica (that
server is my next migration project).

- iManager fails to load. The message sequence begins with LDAP
connectivity not found on ldap://localhost:636
I did the sys:/system/tckeygen.ncf dance and tried to load
tomcat to no avail. I did the usual PKIDIAG and DSRepair
operations and all issues are resolved.

I lack training (obviously) and I would be grateful for any pointers and
advise on this situation.