good day:
I'm working somewhat newly in Zenworks after using version 2 a number
of years ago. I am trying to run Quickbooks Pro through Zenworks. The
user is a member of the users group on the machine. Quickbooks says
the user does not have enough rights to run the program.

I am hesitant to make the user an administrator for everything. One
option is to set the command line as a "run as" and have a user as a
member of administrators just for taht one program.

I somewhat recall, through Zenworks, a program could be run with
elevated priviledges. All I see, though, is running as a secured or
unsecured system user.

Are there any more options?

Any Suggestions are greatfully welcome.


Paul M. Muhlbach,A+, CNA, MCSE, MCT
APM Computer Services
Lethbridge, AB Canada