Found some information I thought I would share. To get BM 3.9 working with Connectotel 3.11 you need to do several things.

1. Install Linkwall. The plugins for iManager 2.7 are not here yet so you need iManager 2.6. Delete any old rules.

2. Under BorderManager, Access Rules, choose Connectotel as the third party URL filtering solution and apply changes

3. Choose to import a file and import sys:\etc\border\english\linkwall.acl and apply changes again

4. Create a new HTTP rule, deny access. Then click New, URL, and choose Connectotel LinkwallList. Click both checkboxes (or click the plus sign) and choose OK. You can now pick whatever categories you want.

5. Adjust the order of the rule and Apply changes.

6. Make sure the last rule in the list is allow access for all.

I was told by Marcus at Connectotel that:

"There is currently a bug in the Novell iManager snap-ins for BorderManager 3.9
which relates to managing site blocking categories. Please e-mail Jerry Brower
( ) and ask for the fix for bug #305084."

Hope this helps someone!