Hello all,

We have a situation where our users will login to a computer. The next user simply right clicks on the red N and logs themselves in. Their drive mappings change and it appears as if that second user IS indeed logged in, but not totally,

iPrint will still track the first user that has logged in, and not the second user. (iPrint client 4.32)

We also have a product called Aristotle from Sergeant Labs that tracks user activity. This product too keys off of the Novell user. It too does not change to the second user.

If a user completely logs off and another user logs in, we do not have the issue.

The reason we do this initially is because of a 2-3 minute login and start of services time. To login to eDirectory takes about 30-40 seconds, the rest of the time is just to start the local services, and not really a Novell issue (I think). Without the Novell client, however, it only takes about 30 seconds to login (windows) and have it functional.

Novell client 4.91 sp4 plus additional patches.

Any ideas?