I'm trying to work thru some certificate issues with my new ZCM 10.0.1
install. Essentially the domain name was the first in the list in the
'hosts' file for the IP address...so any cert call via CASA would fail.
So I corrected that, and confirmed the 'ping -a' works properly....but I
also noticed ZCM is not using my eDir CA. Using this command I'm trying
to fix this:

novell-zenworks-configure -c SSL -Z -Debug -DD

It accepts my Self Signed SSL Cert from the CA I exported with
iManager...but I can't get it to accept my SSL Private key. The above
tool is asking for it in "PKCS8 DER format"...but both iManager and
ConsoleOne export it in PKCS12 format...and it's not accepted.

Are there any TIDs or Cool Solutions on how to get ZCM to use my eDir CA?
I'm running ZCM on a pure OES2 platform...no Window's servers in use.

Thanks for your help,