I am trying to get my NW 6.5 server to act as a router between two subnets.

The NW 6.5 server has two nics. The first nic,, is configured for network, The second nic,, is configured for,

I've used inetcfg to configure TCP/IP with IP Packet Forwarding Enabled (Router), LAN Static Routing Enabled, and the routing table as follows:

Default Route
Network is the switch the server is connected to.

Filter support is disabled, and NAT Implicit Filtering is Enabled, although I've disabled with no positive results.

The workstation on the network is configured to use the interface as its default gateway. If I ping from the workstation I get a reply. If I ping the switch,, I do not get a reply. If I ping another device ( I do not get a reply.

I do not yet have a workstation on to test with, but I figure if things are not working one way, they probably won't work the other.

Can someone tell what it is that I am missing to get this to work?

Thank you.