I have been attempting to image a number of new Lenovo ThinkCenter PCs
with a sysprep'ed image of Windows XP Professional with SP2, using PXE.
The PCs were all purchased at the same time, and should be identical
hardware-wise. We are running ZfD 7 SP1 R2, on NW6.5.

I can image a single machine and reinstall the image on that machine
successfully, but when I try to use the sysprep'ed .zmg image on a new
machine the mini-install goes into a loop - the machine gets to the stage
where the XP key is entered, reboots and starts again.

The weird thing is, if I take a Ghost .gho image of the same sysprep'ed
install (before its first boot) and try it on other machines, it works
perfectly. I imaged by booting off a Ghost 10 disk in legacy mode, which
I understand is the equivalent of Ghost 8, and imaging to a second
partition. I would then use the resulting .gho image off a USB drive on
other machines.

Can anyone shed any light on why Ghost images would work but not Zenworks
images? I would like to use Zenworks to administer the machines if at all