Hi everyone,

we have a problem with the usage of site lists in ZDM 7. The problem is,
that the user is not getting the application from the closetst server.

What we did:
1. Created application object APP1 in context APPS.SITE1.ORG. The file
which shall be copied (we are in the testing phase, so we just copy one
file through the apps object) comes from a server in Site1; the server
context is SITE1.ORG.
2. Created APP2 in context APPS.SITE2.ORG. The file which shall be copied
comes from a server in Site2; the server context is SITE2.ORG.
3. GUIDs were synchronized, site lists configured (without any settings
regarding fault tolerance or load balancing).
4. Created a user in context SITE2.ORG, and associated APP2 with that user

Running NAL with the user created in step 4 (context SITE2.ORG), but from
a workstation which is physically in Site1, always APP2 is distributed
(the one from the server in Site2).

Further information:
1. ZDM 7 SP1 on server- and client-side. XP workstations with client 4.91
2. SLP is working properly.
3. Changing the "Name resolution timeout" parameter of the Novell client
to 180 does not change anything.
4. In both locations all relevant eDir replicas are available.

Is there a mistake in the configuration, or does anybode else had the same

Many thanks for any hints,