I am attempting to back up my Netware 6 server with rsync, over SSH, to a
Linux host.

In google archives, I see that the following syntax has been recommended
for using rsync (over SSH):

rsync -e ssh -avz --volume=SYS: /etc/ root@...:/home/test/

The only tricky part being the specification of the --volume as "SYS:"

Here is a cut and paste of my own netware login session when I try that:

STORE:rsync -e ssh -avz --volume=STORE/SYS: /etc user@hostname:/tmp
Loading Module RSYNC.NLM [ OK ]

As you can see, nothing happens - I hit enter, and I just get another
command prompt. On the server side, no connection is made, as far as I
can tell.

If I remove the --volume switch and simply run:

rsync -e ssh -avz /etc user@hostname:/tmp

it _does_ connect to my server, but hangs forever - and when I finally
kill the rsync processes on the _server side_, the client (netware)
side says:

<0> : channel 0: bad ext data

Press ESC key to close...

and that's that.

I also tried it with --volume, but without "STORE/"

rsync -e ssh -avz --volume=SYS: /etc user@

but again, the command simply exits with no errors or output. I never
see the "Press ESC key to close..." message.

Any thoughts ? Can anyone paste to me their working "rsync over SSH"
command line that they are running on Netware 6 ?

I have the latest rsync-for-netware6 package installed, and yes, I can
successfully connect from the netware system to the linux system with SSH.