I recently joined a MS Active Directory Domain. Now for some reason I am
unable to access any of my servers using the UNC name of
\\servername\volume\folder. I get a not accessible. Network path was not
found error.

If I use \\treename\.server.context then I am able to connect.

It worked fine before I connected to the domain. I am assuming it has
something to do with that or the DNS server change with the AD install.

I can ping the server by name. I can connect to any of the MS or OES 2 linux
servers with the UNC and I can connect using UNC if I use the CIFS share on
the netware server like \\servername-w\volume.

I have a couple of applications that want to connect with the normal unc
though and I cant get that to work.

They are NW6.5.6 servers.

Thanks for any advice.

Dennis St. James
Network Administrator
Lionel L.L.C.