I have a Netware 6.0 sp5 server that is running our GroupWise 7.0.2HP1 and due to the HP I no longer am able to use BackupExec 9.1 +TSA to backup the GroupWise system. I would like to start using DBCopy to disk and then to tape.

Before you kick me to the GW forum, I would like to know if I can attach a NAS to the Netware 6.0 sp5 server. Unfortunately disk space on the fiber attached SAN is at a low and the NAS is the best option at my disposal. I do not want to make a hardware investment considering I have a upgrade to Linux planned in the not too distant future.

I guess I am wondering if it is even possible to attach a NAS to the server. Unfortunately the NAS is on the affordable side and is limited to HTTP, FTP and Windows.

Any insight would be appreciated.