In process of migrating/consolodating to new nw6.5 server, noticed I
needed to update current 6.0 SP2 server to 6.0 SP5.

Download & started install of SP5 on NW6.0 server.

Got to 5x% and got stuck at "The Support Pack will now unload java.nlm.
This will shutdown all java applications"

Switched to console prompt and saw java -exit over and over and error:
org.apache.tomcat.startup.Main ....(exiting)

Tried to java -k232, java -k141 (process id's shown with java-show...)

Stuck, downed server.

Upon starting up server, get the following error:
"The Critical Component nwpa.nlm was not loaded or executed or is missing.
Netware cannot function without this component."

Saved a copy of C:nwserver, copied back what was in the backsp5 dir and
tried again. Also, tried to rename nwpaload.nlm, nwpa, no