We have a number of clients with Netware SBS 6.5 SP6 running on new
(within the last year) HP Proliant kit (e.g. ML310)

The servers run fine but sometimes when rebooting they seems to lose
interrupts and hence cant load much and stop. The only solution we have
found is to do an over the top netware install and reapply the SP.

This then fixes everything.

The server is being rebooted for other reasons eg power down not because
it crashed etc.

Initially we thought we have hardware issues with one server but in fact
we have seen this in 3 servers we have installed recently but not on older
servers (> a year 18mths ago)

I was beginning to wonder if I was having problems with Netware
interacting with newer motherboards / processors

All the servers are netware certified

Anyone else seen this - does SP7 help with this?

Any help / pointers gratefully received