Proxy has started blocking EVERYTHING! We have no access.


Using TP, not that it makes any difference.

Things been going well except spotty problems with SurfControl.
Yesterday I deleted a rule which allowed access for two servers (one in
another tree with other machines NATed behind it).

After I made the changes, I waited for the rules to be read in, tested
it and all worked fine. Some time later, I received a call that
everything was being blocked.

Doesn't matter if you're logged in or not, authenticated or not.


1. Anybody got any suggestions?
2. Can I revert to BM 3.8. from 3.9? That worked, but 3.9 ... sheesh!
nothing but trouble since upgrading.

My rules are set up to deny everything by default, but even specifically
allowed sites get a 403. I've unloaded CPFILTER and deleted the SC
rules, so that's not a factor, but I still can't get any access (except
on machines from the other tree).

Any help most appreciated.