I am running two Netware 6 servers on identical Dell machines. For at
least 2 years, the servers have gained time, meaning the clock runs fast,
gaining around 10 seconds a day. A day or even a week isnt that
important, but after a few weeks, it makes the time off by quite a bit.

I have made sure the BIOS was updated on each server but that did not seem
to resolve the issue.

Right now Server 1 syncs the time for Server 2, but is there a way to time
sync both servers to an outside public server in some way? Similar to the
way Windows is set to update time from the internet?

Ive considered switching the Hard Drives between Server 1 & 2, making the
hardware from what is now Server 2 into Server 1 and seeing it that
resolved the problem, but not sure it would.

If there is a way to resolve this, please give me as specific instructions
as possible. Im not a CNE but know enough to admin the servers as needed
(VERY RARE) and to make me dangerous sometimes :)