Hi all,

current config:
OES6.5 sp5
BM 3.8 sp4
proxy.cfg revision 27, (from Craig Johnson, oct. 30, 2006)

We have had an ongoing issue for quite a while now with (I think) our
Border Mgr.
box locking out workstations (every now and then) for no apparent reason.
This has been going on for 2-3 years .....
Started pretty slowly with just one or two workstations having
issues....but is starting to get worse.
It's seeming pretty random and is not widespread (5-10 times /week on
over 1,300 workstations), but it's starting to become inconvenient ......

What happens is:
Border blocks all Internet/intranet access from a specific IP address.

To clear up the problem we have to:
Delete the IP from the DHCP subnet (to keep the workstation from being
immediately re-issued the same IP).
Then release the IP on the workstation, and restart the workstation.
Once it has a new IP...it's all good.
We can just wait for a day or two and often it seems to clear up.
Issue the workstation a static IP for a few days...then renew the DHCP
address at a later date.
I have tried changing the lease time on our DHCP issued addresses.
This seemed to have little/no effect.
Filters up/down have no effect.
ClientTrust makes no difference.

It only affects a workstations ability to access Internet sites.....(or
get to the BM ssl logon page) everything else (network wise) works fine
(logons, printing etc etc etc....)

Any clues where to start on this ???