I do not know how or why. NTP timesync has been fine here for the last few
years. It was brought to my attention that building workstation are
receiving incorrect time by several hours. Upon further investigation it
appears that all the server (Qty 14) NW6.5 SP 5 are all out of whack. by
several hours.

They do not seem to be taking time from the core server that gets it's
time from the the Internet pool.ntp.org. They are all defaulting to their
own time clock and then drift off even after I slam the time with ntpdate.
And of course "Synthetic time" is being issued on a lot of servers due to
time discrepancies.

The current client ntp.conf file is available below:

# Local Clock used as Time Provider - Self Synchronized Mode
fudge stratum 10

#Client Server Mode

# Peer-Peer Mode
peer ntp1.brickschools.org prefer key 1

# enable auth monitor
keys sys:etcntp.keys
trustedkey 1


# Step the time to the source clock for slewing

*Stepclock appears to not be a valid command...

I have verified that the ntp.keys file is accurate and an exect match on
all servers

# key id key type key value
1 M cr1ctc0n
2 M cr1ctc0n
3 M cr1ctc0n


This console screen of XNTPD on this server display only shows:
Syncronized to Local(0), Stratum=10

and appears to not even try to contact ntp1.brickschools.org or (which are the same server)

Please advise.