Not sure if this is the right Newsgroup for this question...please point
me in the right direction if I'm off. :)

Having a problem setting up Archiving and Versioning on a new OES 2 Linux
server installation. Everything seems to be configured according to the
documentation, but I'm getting the following error in the Job Log:

[ArkManagerJob.java line:3205] Error creating pool snapshot: 20403

I'm a little confused on the configuration of the Snapshot Pool portion of
the Default Job Settings section. Am I supposed to specify a Pool name
that already exists...or do I just give it an arbitrary name and it
creates it on the fly? My config parameters are as follows:

Snapshot Pool: NEO_VOL1_S1
Free Space ID: cciss/c0d1
Sectors: 2097150

It's an HP DL360 with two RAID arrays...the 2nd one being the 'c0d1',
which only has NSS Pools on it. Those existing Pools take up most of the
volume...with 30 GB of free space. I'm trying to allocate 10 GB for the
Archive snapshot process. Am I missing something? Please help!