We currently have Groupwise client V653.

We are in co-existence with Exchange 2007. In order to get clients from
GW to Exchange, we utilise version 3.2 of the Quest Migrator for Exchange.

I have detailed the error log below, if this is of help. In a nutshell,
it would appear that user mailboxes within GW (once migrated) are not
having the forwarding rule set, which should route traffic arriving in the
legacy GW Post Office immediately over the connector to Exchange.

Obviously customers hoping to have mail sent to their new addresses from
their legacy Domain addresses and GW accounts are not receiving it. The
mail accumulates without that rule being implemented correctly. This is a
random occurence.

The 2 error messages we get from within the error log in Quest are:

[7458-6-30-00000000] Unable to update GroupWise forwarding for user


15:18:56 ERROR: [7458-6-16-00000000] Unable to update GroupWise forwarding
for user 'user.po3.ourdomain'
15:18:56 Dialog dismissed
15:18:56 GroupWise Error [D124]

Any help on these error codes above would be greatly appreciated.