We are currently running iFolder 2 on 2 NetWare 6.0 nodes (clustered). We purchased new servers and have installed NetWare 6.5 SP7 on them and have them setup in a 2 node cluster. I am now trying to configure iFolder to run clustered on the new hosts, but cannot get it to load in protected memory. When I do, I receive this error:

Module NLDAP.NLM cannot be loaded until DSLOADER is loaded.

I have modified the startifolder.ncf to load:


Please advise what I am missing. The 6.5 documentation has a really odd implementation of this that basically has you load Apache from the cluster and tie all your web services to the same instance. This doesn't seem correct.

Michael Roberts, MCNE, MCSE, CCA
Director of Network Services
Consolidated Health Systems/Highlands Regional Medical Center