Hello all: I have looked through Craig's manuals concerning
the setup on a dmz. Some good info, but I am not sure
"exactly" how to do it.

Here is my setup and initial configuration on our BM39

1. Added third NIC to be used for the DMZ.
2. Using inetcfg, I configured the new NIC with a new IP
range not used in our network (10.0.0.x) and setup the NIC
with ip I also enabled dynamic NAT.
3. I created 2 new filters to allow ANY traffic to and from
the public and dmz interfaces. Left our private side
completely unchanged.
4. On one of our switches I have created a VLAN consisting
of 4 ports which will be used for the workstations which
will live in the dmz. I will attach the DMZ nic from BM to
one of these ports.
5. I will setup our dmz workstations in the 10.0.0.x subnet
with a gateway of

For those wondering why I am doing this, we have had nothing
but headaches getting various secure networking solutions
from hospitals to work properly through BM. We plan on
setting up a few workstations which we can use for this
purpose only.

Does the above make any sense?? Chris