Hi all,
I have been trying to set up NSS volumes under OES LINUX SP2.
When I try to create pool with EVMS GUI, I got error when running nss mkfs.

"Jan 09 14:27:55 Engine: FSIM plug-in NSSFS returned error code 38 when
called to mkfs on volume /dev/evms/sdb1"

Can you help me please?
I use kernel 2.6.5, evms 2.3.3, novell-plugin-nss-3.0.6-13,
novell-nss-4.9.29, novell-evms-snapins-1.0.60-2
/lib/evms/2.3.3/nwmgr-1.0.0.so - this I think is NSS plugin for EVMS

NSSMU also doesn't work - i choose Create pool, enter pool name, and then I
have no available devices in the list and Enter key means Segfault.

Thanks in advance,
Jakub Talas