Hello !

In the last three days, I've been trying to create a Zenworks 7 Imaging Boot CD according to several documentations floating around the net.

Unfortunately I was not able to burn a CD that actually works. I always get the message "settings.txt file not found ; Please insert disc containing settings.txt" after choosing Automatic Mode (for example, the message also appears in all other modes) in the Bootmenu.

Here are my steps to create the CD :

1. I copy the naked bootcd.iso from the ZEN Server into a working directory on my HD.

2. I copy the settings.txt from /public/zenworks/imaging into the local working directory.

3. I open the app "UltraISO" to edit the bootcd image file.

4. There, I add the "settings.txt" an my .zmg file to the root directory of the image and a little script of mine to "/addfiles/bin".

5. I save the image and burn it to a CD. Booting from it results in the above mentioned error message.

I've checked my CD a thousand times over and over again and the "settings.txt" is definitively there and in the right place. No changes have been made to this file before burning.

Can anyone help me an tell me what I am doing wrong ? I can't express how frustrated I am. I could scream and shout and throw the whole mess out of the window. I have not made the slightest progress in the last three days. But I simply don't understand the problem...