After I have run the nss /verify on a data volume on a netware 6.5 sp5
with NSS.nlm v.3.20 dated 26 September 2003, I can not see the data volume
name shown up in the nssmu under the volume section. But the pool for
this volume is shown in the Pool section.

I can see the partition link with the size details for this data volume in
the Partition section in the Novell remote manager but the size next to
the data volume name under this partition is 0.0B.

It seems to me that all folders and files in the data volume are

I did not run any other NSS switch option to the volume. I suppose the
information in the data volume is still there.

Any idea. What is going on? How can I mount and get back the folders and
files in this data volume??

Wai Chu