comment: eDirectory Error 672 When Creating an NSS Pool
When creating an NSS pool in NSSMU or iManager, an Error 672 is returned if
there is no nssAdmin object in the Novell eDirectory database for the
server. NSS requires that an nssAdmin object must exist for each and every
server or management does not work.
This situation occurs if you move a server across trees with also moving its
nssAdmin object from one tree?Ts eDirectory database to the other.
If you recreate the nssAdmin object, you are then able to successfully
create pools.
To recreate the nssAdmin object, run nssAdminInstall at the server console
on NetWare or in the NSS Console (nsscon) on Linux:
nssAdminInstall -a <full dn to eDir admin object> -p <password of eDir admin
object> -o <full dn for new nssAdmin object>

For example:
nssAdminInstall -a admin.context -p admin_pwd -o servername.context

While in OES2 (32/x64) Linux NSSCON console this command does not exist or i
might have missed it.

Does anyone know how to creat a nssAdmin object?
Reason doing this is "nssmu"->"pool"->"add pool" return err message
"eDirectory Error 672 When Creating an NSS Pool"