Hi All,

We have recently built a new image for deployment to our computer labs, and have installed Novell Client 4.91 together with ZENworks Desktop Management Agent 7 onto the image. When building the image, the Novell Client would intermittently hang after accepting the logon credentials of a user. The Novell Client window would disappear (indicating the credentials had been accepted) and the computer would hang at a blank screen (just displaying the wallpaper). The mouse cursor would still move, indicating that the computer was working, but it would not progress any further (i.e. the logon script did not process, and CTRL-ALT-DEL did not work). Now that the image has been deployed, this happens every time a user attempts to login. The only way to successfully login to the computer is selecting "Workstation only" and using the (in-built) Windows "Administrator" account.

The reason I believe this relates to ZENworks is when troubleshooting the problem I uninstalled the ZENworks Desktop Management Agent from a computer and then attempted to login. The Novell Client accepted the login credentials of the user, and then presented the authenticate to Windows prompt (since the Dynamic Local User policy was no longer effective, since ZENworks had been removed). Entering valid credentials for the local Windows authentication prompt worked, and the user could successfully login and access all their Novell resources (e.g. file shares, etc). So, it seems that the problem may be related to a ZENworks policy of some description. This problem only occurs on computers with the newly built 2008 image - users can login without problems to machines with the old 2007 image. Upon checking, the newly imaged workstations are in the same container as the old workstations, so any policies affecting the old machines should also be effective on the new machines.

If anyone could help with resolving this problem that would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,