OES 1 SP2 (Linus), eDir88 SP1.
1.Was created new certificate for Apache (yast, CA-management, ...) and
stored to /etc/ssl/servercers.
2.New certificate was imported to next keystores:
(using keytool from workstation - on the Linux keytool return error
java.lang.exception not an x.509, old owner and permissions was restored).
3. Tomcat, apache, Middle Tier was restarted.

a) I can't view fil properties in NetStorage (java.io.IOException: Server
returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL: ... )
b) can't download file from NetStorage page (entries for file from context
menu does not working)
c)In iManager (2.6 +SP4) I can't view NetStorage statistics, current
sessions, etc. (but https://.../nsadmin - working and return data)

What else I must to do?