I'm a bit curious about how to use EXE installers in ZENworks. As far as I
understood the recommended approach, I must fill in the command line in
ConsoleOne. Then ZENworks does not know it's an installer though. It
treats it as an usual application. This has two side effects:

1) If the installation of an MSI expects such an application to be
installed, it fails with pre-installation, because pre-installation takes
place before the EXE-installer start. (I'd like to use pre-installation,
but I cannot combine it with dependencies to such applications.)

2) To install a usual application with an EXE-installer, I need two
application objects, one for the installer and another one for the user

Do I do something wrong? How to handle EXE installers best in ZENworks?
Should I use the deployment scripts? What do you do?

Thanks for your help,