I may be being blind again, but where do I send feedback for this?

Is there a forum for specifically talking abouot the beta? as this is the
only place I have found information so far.

All in all I have managed to get GMS working but the documentation needs a
bit of work to make it somewhat clearer as well as turned into GMS rather
than half referring to the Nokia product with its various name changes.

and I can't get GMS 203 on linux to talk SSL SOAP to my POA as described in
a previous posting.

The system also seems to stop synchronising with the PO occasionally which
for some reason requires a system reboot rather than just stopping and
starting the services.

I have found the bit about opening up Port 8191 between the POA and the GMS
server so the POA can notify GMS of updates, through comments on here and
the TID on the subject.

Otherwise it seems to work reasonably well.

Although I am now about to try it on my first Windows mobile 6 device.

Hey ho.

Karim C Kronfli