I have a rather unnerving problem with my SurfControl Access.

It seems forever that I have used BM in many forms with firat CyberPatrol
and now SurfControl. The Access Rules have not changed in that time and we
have only 5 Effective Rules for our rather simple needs. 1st two Rules for
allowing access only to certain sites for a single public Access PC, the
next Rule is the SurfConrol Rule, Then the Allow for everthing else that
is not SurfControl Restricted, lastly the Deny All Default. This has
worked brilliantly till recently. The SurfControl Rule does not block any
content at all. I have tried removing the Rule and recreating it, checked
that cpfiletr is loaded and updating, removing all Rules except the
Default so that no-one gets Access and putting the rules in one by one.
Much Head Scratching - Please Help, Craig if you are out there, I have
gone through your books with a fine toothed comb and checked the Novell
Support site. Think I'm going insane.

Jon Evans