Hi all,

Allthough I recon many of you, just by reading the subject, will think
that this is a silly question, we actually have a valid reason for
looking into this matter.

The thing is, that my customer (with 8.000+ nodes) is running Zenworks
and have done so for many years. But now they have now also begun to
implement HP Terminals for use with their Citrix environment, and have
aired the idea of having these controlled by their Altiris framework.
This will mean, that they end up with 2 PXE servers on same network,
making it a challenge to control which PXE server reply to which type of

So - we have been thinking about trying to control this by MAC adresses
- but there does not seem to be any option in ZfD 6.5 (or newer for that
matter) to control that ZfD PXE only replies a specific list of MACs.

Also we have thought about having the Zenworks PXE server reply with
more than one answer to the "where do I find a PXE server" question
being broadcasted - and then manually choose in the F8 menu you have
before getting the blue Zenworks menu...

But - I would really like to hear if anyone have any ideas, opinions,
experiences or suggestions on this area? Which approach would be the
smarter one here?

Henrik Holm Nielsen
Copenhagen, Denmark