I have been given the task of creating the Hardware Independent Imaging for our company. Currently we are using Zenworks 7 and have an image for each model and specially set up machines. (We are not using add on images yet.) As you can imagine, the list of images is quite large and taking up quite a bit of space. I have taken the Novell ATT web class on Hardware independent imaging ~ which was great information; however to create the add on image for the drivers it states that sysprep needs the INF files. All of our equipment is HP, we currently have 7 different desktop models. I cannot seem to find the driver INF files. HPs site gives the softpaq executable for each driver needed and I've tried extracting those and using the files for the driver add on image with no luck. Our company will not pay for the ENGL tool and I have yet to find a tool that works to extract the drivers. I have been looking for weeks for help/tips on this with no luck so far. Can someone point me in the right direction, please?