I am running GMS 2.0.3 on win 2003 with the secure gateway installed on a server in the dmz relaying back to my gms server which is behind the firewall..
When I try to go to the webpim website, this is what I get...
The page cannot be displayed.
Relay server was unable to find a routing destination for this request.

I have to think this is a problem with the tomcat server... I tried the deleting the genweb directory and it recreated it, but still doesn't work... and when I run netstat -na, the computer is listening on port 80 but is connected to port 2292 and the server is not listening on its network ip address on port 80. Not sure what my next move is. The phones are still syncing so it doesn't appear to be a network issue. I also added localhost to the secure gateway and I get the same message when trying to access the site via localhost from the gms box itself...

Any ideas on where I can check further?