Good Day,

We're having an issue with our imaging system. First, setup details:

Imaging Server:
OS: Windows 2000 SP4
Zen Version: 7 SP1 R2
Novell Client:
Image Location: e:\images\winxp2008.zmg
PDHCP, TFTP, MTFTP, etc on Windows box

Novell Netware 6.5 SP6
DHCP Services
Image Location: \\server1\program1\images\winxp2008.zmg

Issue: When we point to the image on the windows server we get "Error: Could not connect to Image Server". We can image when we pull the image file from the novell server without issue.

From the log file:
<WS DN = "VAN02-NDS.xxxxxx.xx">
<ErrorMessage>Undefined error message</ErrorMessage>
<Timestamp>Wed Jan 09 10:17:43 2008</Timestamp>

Our imaging solution was fine when it was strictly on the novell server but since we are in migration to Windows, that is no longer an option. For testing i've ensured that the Everyone group is allowed full control for both NTFS and share permissions.

Thanks in advance for your help