In a ZFD 7 ( agents), I have a simple app object that is part of a
chained app.
This application simply creates 3 directories, copies 2 files and sets 2
registry entries.

One of the files is approximately 800MB in size (so on some slower machines,
can take a minute to copy from the source server).

On this application, I have Show Progress checked, but I *never* see a
progress bar for the application. Because the file copy for this dependant
app (the msi install is the primary app object, which shows a progress bar
fine) takes so long, users end up complaining/doing silly things like
rebooting while the file is copying.

I have other apps which show progress fine (though they are mostly snapshot

Does the file copy progress not work if you directly add files to the File
distribution tab and have progress enabled on the app (or if they are