Tonight while working on my servers, I noticed an error in my dhcp log that a subnet was out of IP addresses. I used the DNS/DHCP Console Utilization tab on all my configured subnets and saw none empty. Any idea's where this is coming from before I get our network guys involved?

Get type:4, IPAddr:, LeaseTime:0, MacIndx:15991, pIP:0
Fill pool returned error 1
Error 5 adding new ip
AMAGet() exit err:5, subnet:, addr:
2008/01/10 22:06:51 <DHCPDISCOVER> packet received from client <0:D:60:4E:B0:CB>.
2008/01/10 22:06:51 DHCP Warning: Out of Addresses for client <0:D:60:4E:B0:CB>.