We are currently using Symantec Corporate edition, which by the way,
caused massive file corruption if it is active when doing a file backup
using Tivoli or Veritas. You will get no indication that svaed files
are corrupt, you only find out then doing a restore and the file is
garbage. Not all files get corrupted and the corruption is random. On
a save of 1.5 million files we see around 78K corrupted. Symantec
Antivirus is actually acting like a virus. Anyways, the Corporate
edition as an end of life in 2 years. The new ENDPOINT product does
not, and will not support Native netware(OES2). No netware client will
ever be available, at least that is what Symantec told me yesterday. So
the question is What are poeple using, or plan to use, as a replacement
anti virus protection on their Netware Servers??