I have a situation where I can not get the workstation to image with PXE. When it boots, it will go into the PXE screen, pulls an IP address, sees the proxy server but will not pull an image. I have it set to take an image upon next boot but nothing happens. No work to do.

Here is my setup. Server A is my DHCP server. Server B is my ZENworks Imaging server. Server C is my Linux SLES 10.1 server running all the other ZDML pieces. I could not get imaging to work on the Linux box, plus I don't have any space for images on that server.

Server A and Server B are Netware 6.5 sp7 servers with eDir 8.8 sp2. Server C as mentioned is a Linux SLES 10.1

If I boot with the ZEN boot CD, an automatic will return "no work to do" as well. Manual mode works fine. I can push or pull an image in manual mode.

Just wondering if there is something I am missing.