at first, I only use XP and all information came via phone, so I really
did not see anything.

We installed the Client on Vista Home ("not dedicated for it, but may
run") but did no connection to a Tree. In use NetWare 5x, afaik only IPX
for communication and IP for transportation.
(Custom installation did not offer something to chose between IPX
['only'], IP and IP + IPX. Is that normal to the client?)

IN Vista, we found at the relating LAN connection the Client for Novell,
Windows, and IPv4, IPV6 - but no IPX/SPX. And - it was not offered to add!

Is there no IPX in Vista Home?
If; only using IP, a Vista Home machine can establish connection to a
NetWare 5x server?

Markus Erich (CNE)

Know the past. In the ignorance of the past lies the ruin of the future.