Hi all.

I'm installing a new Linux OES SP2 server. After the CD install I have tried to update the whole installation following TID 3045794. It tells me it has to download 1,73GB of patches =:-O and I left it work.

On the next day I found the following:

Found 194 patches in channel 'oes'

Do you agree to these license / warning messages? [y/N] y
Download complete
65% #############-------, running ERROR: Unable to connect to the daemon: (2, 'No such file or directory')
ERROR: Please ensure that the service is running.

The /var/log/rcd/rcd-messages tells:

Jan 8 18:40:23 [8075] Running heartbeat at Tue Jan 8 18:40:23 2008

Jan 8 18:40:23 [8075] Memory limit reached, restarting
Jan 8 18:40:23 [8075] Loading system packages
Jan 8 18:40:24 [8075] Done loading system packages
Jan 8 18:40:29 [8075] id=663 COMPLETE 'Downloading https://update.novell.com/data/$RCE/oes-edir88/getPatchList/oes-9-i586' time=0s (failed)
Jan 8 18:40:29 [8075] Unable to download patch list: File not found - https://update.novell.com/data/$RCE/oes-edir88/getPatchList/oes-9-i586
Jan 8 18:40:29 [8075] [rcd.serverpoll] Error getting task info: Expected XMLRPC_TYPE_ARRAY
Jan 8 18:40:29 [8075] [rcd.serverpoll] Error polling server: Expected XMLRPC_TYPE_ARRAY
Jan 8 18:49:03 [8075] Database changed; rescanning system packages
Jan 8 18:49:03 [8075] Loading system packages
Jan 8 18:49:04 [8075] Done loading system packages

The last 3 lines are repeated several times until I find:

Jan 8 19:01:00 [8075] Shutting down daemon...
Jan 8 19:01:01 [8075] Shutting down local server
Jan 8 19:01:01 [8075] Shutting down remote server

If I repeat all the process rug tells me the following:

migracio:/var/log/rcd # rug pin --entire-channel oes

Found 0 patches in channel 'oes'

--- No patches to install ---

So, how can I tell rug to download and install all the patches? I deleted the contents of /var/lib/YaST2/you/installed/* and /var/cache/rcd/patch_data/* with no success. I haven't found any other clue to solve my problem.

Thanks in advance.