I recently installed a Windows 2000 server. I put on all the stuff that
I always do. It was going to be a Citrix Server so I ended up putting
terminal services on the machine. After the first restart, it was very
slow loading and wouldn't login. In fact it took 10 minutes to get to
the login. I had the Client32 SP4 loaded so that Workstation only was
not available. It said a service required to login was not started. I
couldn't find anything in the event logs to show a problem. I used safe
mode to try and remove client32 but it wouldn't unload because msiexec
service was not loaded.

I rebuilt the machine thinking Terminal Service install caused the
problem. This time I put TS on first before anything. I installed all my
products and started preparing for Citrix again. I noticed that my WSUS
had pushed some patches. Restarted and again the same problem. This time
I went into safe mode, removed the 8 patches that had installed and it
worked again. Still very slow to shutdown or restart. I narrowed it to
the MS patch 922582. I didn't know if anyone else had problems with this
patch. Doesn't seem to affect XP or 2003.

Don't know what was causing it. I did verify that if I don't connect to
the network I can get in. I don't know if it's because the sever has 2
NICS, is multihomed, has the Novell client. Just wanted to let everyone

Every time I add the patch back it stops working and every time I remove
the patch it start logging in again.


John Jakus