Has anyone ever seen this??

I've got a situation where occassionally a student group policy (which tightly locks down the workstation to basicly allow only apps in the NAL to run) apply to a workstation, but they policy just will not remove, no matter what your next user's group policy is (even if it is set to unlock everything!).

Conversely, there is the occassional situation where the group policies (which push out proxy settings for IE6) disappear while user is still logged into the network (after a refresh of policies every 3 hours). Setting "group policies to remain on workstation after user log out" does not fix the problem. They disappear anyway on random workstations (all with the same group policy).

Personally I think its the novell client.

Anyone else have a clue??

Environment ZFD7 sp1 (, Zen WS manager, Novell client 4.91 sp3, Netware 6.5 sp 5