I have upgraded a 3 sles9 oes1 boxes to SLES10-oes2. However the upgrade
did not go as I would have wished for and so I have already wiped out 2
boxes and reinstalled from scratch so that I can get a clean install for
groupwise. The install from scratch works nicely as you would expect.

This last box howevere hosts the master edirectory partition and also
Identity manager AD driver so I would like to correct the upgrade errors
without having to reinstall from scratch.

One issue that is bugging me that I want to fix is that the gdm that is
installed after the upgrade is different from the gdm that is installed
with a new install. Instead of the SLES10 gdm with one text entry box I
get two text entry boxes - one for the loginid and one for the password
with a button for a carriage return. As well I cannot get LUM enabled
users to login using this interface - only a user with a local password
- yet nam is working as I can login with these same accounts using ssh???

Not sure whether this is the best forum to utilise so please direct me
to another if there is a more suitable one for upgrade problems.