We're looking for compelling reasons to stay with BorderManger...vs. an alternative firewall solution.

We're currently running BM 3.6 SP2 on a NetWare 5.1 SP7 server - which experienced a catastrophic failure of it's RAID "disk array" when a disk failed on Friday (naturally). Apparently the "R" in RAID doesn't mean what I thought it meant (as I communicated to our friends at DELL). Finally had the "recreated" server online at 2:30 AM.

In hindsight - we should have kept the OS and BM current - as Novell (even w/MLA) wouldn't even talk to us.

As this server is our "default gateway" for most of our servers/devices - its safe to say our network was unhappy.

This server also hosts a GW domain and GWIA - and serves as a DMZ (multi-homed w/4 NICs).

With BorderManger's limited market penetration and suspect future - is there any compelling reason to upgrade to BM 3.9 on a new NetWare server?

Is it possible to "cluster" BorderManger servers for redundancy?