Dear all,

I'm having problem backing up my GroupWise server. Size of data on the
server is 35 GB. Using DAT tape rated 72 GB, meaning, for me, that if
compression is activated, I can be able to backup data size of 72 GB.

But for sometime now, backup cannot complete with the msg that "meida is
full". Even if I ask the system to reformat the tape tape each time (not
append", and Compression is activated. Wha's is wrong?

Netware 6.5 SP6. Brightstor r11.1 sp3.

By the way, since I've upgraded to that version, when Arcserve is loading,
I'm having an error: "E6920: A conflicting device driver [NWTAPE.CDM] was
detected! Please unload and rename the driver to prevent it from loading
upon reboot!". This prevent TAPESVR.NLM from loading. I have to manually
unload NWTAPE.CDM and then load TAPESVR. Event if I rename NWTAPE. It
keeps coming back the next time the server is rebooted.

Thanks for your help.