When Netware 6.5 first came out I used it to replace the existing primary
office server. I configured it as follows:

Server name S1

TCP/IP Configuration for the server is -
IP Address:
DNS Resolution: 1)
2) ISP's Primary DNS Server
3) ISP's Secondary DNS Server

I then installed DNS/DHCP on this server.

All workstations get their IP's from the DHCP server running on
The DHCP service was also configured to provide connection computers with
the IP of the LAN DNS server and Gateway. Both of these values were set to

Thus, a workstation's IP settings, after connecting to the server, will be:
IP Address: 10.10.10.??
DNS Resolution: 1)

The DNS Server was NOT configured with an forward list.

Now years later I have to wonder if this was a sensible configuration. Would
it make more sense, as in reduce network traffic into my primary server, if
I added my ISP's DNS Server IP's to the DNS Server's forward list, then
adjust the DHCP server to issue as the gateway, as opposed to

Or should I just go with "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I look forward to your response.