Hi everyone,

I've done some searching on the forums but haven't found the full answer to my question. Many posts link off to a TID that no longer exists.

I'm working in a NW5.1 environment and due to various issues are trying to convince the management to upgrade to NW6.5 as soon as possible. I need to provide a bullet proof upgrade plan to convince them that this is the best solution. Due to historic reasons they are wary of performing the upgrade.

Now, my main question is around DS/eDir versions. Currently we are running DS 8.85c on all of our NW5.1 servers. The plan is to migrate only some of the servers over to NW6.5 to start with, with a view to completing the estate at a later date. I've read that all servers should be running eDir as the minimum version. I can't seem to see a download anywhere relating to that. Any ideas where I could source a copy?

Once the NW5.1 estate is up to eDir I take it we would need to update the schema and then install NW6.5 (with latest SP) and all will be happy.

Some of the servers will require an in place upgrade, but the latest NW6.5 (with SP7?) doesn't support that. Does anyone know a source for the SP6 slip streamed media that allows this?

We do have the NW6.5 licences as they were purchased a while ago, just no media........