I have a SLES10 SP1 host running XEN. I have installed a SLES 10 SP1 guest and now want to put OES 2 onto the guest. When I run the Add on Product, everything starts out fine and I can get through the screen where I accept the OES 2 license.

But before the screen pope up where I get to select the OES services, I get a screen with 27 dependency errors. The errors are all "no installable providers of" and include java, novell-lum, apache2, apache2 welcome page, yast 2 novell common, imanager, iprint, etc.

I have checked the CD to make sure it is good. I am certain it is because if I try running the Add on Package from the Host, I can get to the OES screen with no dependency errors.

I have tried adding the Add on Package as a mounted CD, I tried copying the files to a directory, and I even tried using the .iso image. Every time I get the dependency errors.

What do I have to do to get the OES 2 add on to work in a XEN guest?