Yesterday, I served as a juror in a criminal trial. It was interesting.

The case was a man in his fifties accused of battery on his sister and
aggravated assault on his niece's husband. We had 7 witnesses,
including the accused. We ended up convicting him of battery (all 7
witnesses said it happened) and acquitting him of the aggravated
assault. We just couldn't make all of the conflicting testimony work out.

There were a lot of things that no one talked about until we spoke with
the judge & attorneys afterwards, such as the fact that this was a
long-standing family feud that drew the notice of people outside the
family. They were described as "a well-known, not prominent, family in
the county". None of the people involved came off in a positive light.

I ended up as the presiding juror/forewoman because no one else was
willing to do it, because it meant their name would be entered into
court records. *shrug* Someone has to do it, and I was willing.

The judge said that the defendant will do about 6 months in county jail
and pay a fine, because he has a long history of such problems.

I'm glad I've done it. I don't feel an overwhelming need to do it
again. But, if I'm called, I'll serve.

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you
nothing. It was here first. ~Mark Twain